External PVC-UE Wall Cladding

Our quality Exterior UPVC Cladding has been used by professionals for many years. Now available online, easy fitting, higher quality and a wide range of colours demonstrate why our External Plastic Cladding has been so popular with the trade.


Artefoam is a modern style PVC foam exterior wall cladding system. It's quick and easy to install, doesn't require any maintenance and instantly transforms any building. The high quality boards are lightweight, extremely durable and resistant to mould, fungus and changing weather conditions.


Inspired by natural stone and minerals, our Trend external wall panels follow the latest styles in architecture. Available in 4 matt colours, each with the option of a Stone finish to add a more rustic look to your outdoor project.


These Modern Wood exterior wall boards have a unique profile with a matt finish and a subtle wood grain embossing. With a large colour range and the option to install horizontally or vertically, this is an extremely versatile cladding system for a wide range of modern outdoor applications.


We offer a wide range of accessory profiles and trims to suit all our external cladding designs. Each profile is available in the all colour options to perfectly match your chosen outdoor cladding boards.

Profiles include starter trim, corner sections, H joint, finishing trim, universal J section and individual board jointers.

Designs include Artefoam Shiplap External Cladding Panel, Artefoam Feather Edge Exterior Cladding Panel, Modern Wood Cladding Board, and the Trend Large Panel Wall Cladding Board.

Produced from PVC-UE, this material has a hard external finish and requires little maintenance other than occasional cleaning with soapy water. Unlike PVC, PVC-UE does not contain phthalates or BPA. Exterior cladding produced from PVC-UE is far more rigid than basic PVC and is extremely light and durable.

Our External Wall Cladding has a wide colour range, providing the opportunity to modernise the appearance of any external wall, and can be installed over many existing surfaces or used to replace old tired timber cladding. The cladding panels are available in different surface finishes, and can give the appearance of wood but without the requirement for regular painting.

These UPVC Exterior Wall Panels can also be used for other buildings, such as Caravan Holiday Homes, sheds and garden offices.

The Artefoam Shiplap Cladding Panel is available as a double board in 3m or 6m lengths and has a total height of 371mm with a panel coverage height of 0.332m. This reduces the time to complete a cladding project as each 3m board gives a total coverage of 0.996m2, whereas the 6m board provides a massive 1.992m2 of coverage!

For information on all our UPVC Plastic External Wall Cladding Panels, please follow the 'Category' link shown above or select from one of the images below.

External PVC-UE Wall Cladding