Artefoam External PVC-UE Wall Cladding

Artefoam exterior wall cladding has been used in the UK for several years and brings a fresh, bright approach to external walls. Produced from PVC-UE, this external foam siding uses the latest technology to achieve low noise transfer, high durability, and better insulation than many alternative products.

Unlike wooden panels, Artefoam does not require painting or maintenance, eliminating one of the most annoying features associated with wood cladding.

Board Options

Artefoam Feather Edge PVC-UE Exterior Cladding, Wood Effect

Single Board Feather Edge Cladding

Artefoam PVC-UE Shiplap Outdoor Plastic Cladding Panel

Double Board Shiplap Cladding - Standard

Artefoam Wood Grain Outdoor Cladding Panel PVC-UE

Double Board Shiplap Cladding - DEEP GRAIN

Artefoam Wall Cladding Panels

More robust than basic PVC cladding, this PVC-UE foam exterior siding is easy to install, and the double panel quickly transforms the appearance of any wall.

The top layer of Artefoam is constructed of solid, hard PVC. This hard surface is very resistant to impacts and scratches. The so-called ‘cold pigments’ used in colouring the top PVC layer of the wall panel provide what can be considered to be the best-in-market resistance to high temperature and colour stability.

The core of the Artefoam wall panel is produced with foamed PVC. This is characterised by its high density and homogeneity. The combination of a solid top layer with the foam core provides Artefoam with dimensional stability and strength.

Artefoam Features:

  • light weight panels
  • moisture resistant
  • realistic finish
  • easy to install – do not require any special tools to fit
  • large coverage area
  • no painting or maintenance
  • environmentally friendly
  • hard wearing and impact resistant
  • do not support bacterial or fungi growth
  • unlike wood, is resistant to rot and insects.
  • large coverage area
  • adds strength to the structure

The cut edges of Artefoam wall panels will not absorb water and do not require any additional protection.

A further significant benefit is that the dimensions of the Artefoam panels provide a larger m2 coverage area per board compared to many alternative PVC cladding panels. This makes these wall panels very cost effective and quicker to fit.

With a matt finish woodgrain texture, this PVC-UE siding is extremely appealing, and is available as single board Feather Edge cladding, or a double board Shiplap panel. The double board Shiplap version has a choice of either a Standard Grain or a Deep Grain surface. A wide range of colours provides a great opportunity to stylishly modernise any exterior surface!

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